Epigroup meetings

Academic year 2021/2022

Epigroup meetings take place on Wednesdays at 2pm on Zoom and Ashworth Laboratories

  Date Speaker Title
  19th July Charu Sharma What does SARS-COV-2 sequencing tell us about the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa?
  6th July Dr Fiona Smith Predictors of mortality during the Third and Fourth COVID-19 pandemic waves in Africa
  29th June Drs Bryan Wee and Bram van Bunnik How well does AMR in sewage reflect AMR in healthy human communities?
  15th June Olga Dluzniewska and Daira Trusinska "Antibiotic resistance and area deprivation" and “Analysing studies with human gut microbiome datasets for comparison with sewage metagenomic data”
  8th June Mutono Nyamai COVID-19 disruptions to essential health services in Kenya
  25th May Emma Pujol-Hodge HIV in Kazakhstan PhD research project
  11th May Dr Deirdre McClean and Dr Lu Lu Deirdre: role with Trinity College Dublin & the Environmental Protection Agency. Lu: practice talk for an upcoming symposium.
  30th March Dr Bryan Wee Population genomics of E. coli reveals strain-sharing across hosts and households in a rapidly developing urban landscape
  23rd March Andrew Glover Investigating the transmission dynamics of mosquito-borne arboviruses in Colombia using a temperature-dependent spatiotemporal model
  16th March Hannah Lepper Sources of resistance in urban Scottish wastewater
  2nd March Alex Morgan Understanding the role of global food trade on the transmission dynamics of antibiotic-resistant foodborne bacteria
  9th Feb Lorraine Pfavayi Burden of fungal diseases in Zimbabwe
  2nd Feb Dr Sreejith Radhakrishnan Modelling canine rabies elimination through mass vaccination in India
  12th Jan Epigroup New Year's resolutions
  15th Dec Hannah Lepper Sources of resistance genes in Scottish waste water: preliminary results
  8th Dec Dr Katerina Guschanksi Tracking human antimicrobial use by digging through microbial fossils
  17th Nov Dr Bryan Wee Identifying suitable human fecal microbiome datasets for comparison with the Global Sewage Project
  3rd Nov Epigroup Group updates
  13th Oct Prof. Thumbi Mwangi Joint meeting
  29th Sept Leonie Maier Evidence for Universal Dynamics of Antimicrobial Resistance genes in Urban Sewage: a Global Study
  1st Sept  Epigroup Updates and Future Plans 
  Academic year 2020/2021
  30th June 2021 Thomas Dalhuisen and Miranda Ferguson RNA virus database update
  23rd June 2021 Dr Lu Lu Novel picornaviruses found in rats and bats
  26th May 2021 Dr Bryan Wee AMR plasmids and the human-livestock interface
  19th May 2021 Dr Bram van Bunnik Global Sewage Project – II. Overview and update
  12th May 2021 Joseph Kungu Assessment of antibiotic use and consumption in Jinja and Mbarara districts, Uganda
  28th April 2021 Alex Morgan Understanding the transmission dynamics of antimicrobial resistance and foodborne disease using mathematical models
  21st April 2021 Epigroup Microbiology Conference practice talks
  14th April 2021 Federico De Angelis Linking resistance to taxa – a metagenomic analysis of Edinburgh sewage

7th April 2021

Giles Calder

Monitoring the COVID-19 Epidemic in Scotland

  24th March 2021 Prof. Mark Woolhouse Covid-19: real-time monitoring of Covid-19 in Scotland
  17th March 2021 Jordan Ashworth Investigating linear epitopes and cross-reactive immunity for human coronaviruses
  10th March 2021 Hannah Lepper Secrets of the hospital underbelly project update: patterns of abundance of antimicrobial resistance genes in hospital wastewater vary by specific antimicrobial and bacterial family
  3rd March 2021 Helen Brown & Stella Mazeri Visualising Covid Infection across Scotland and Identifying Outbreaks
  24th February 2021 Website discussion N/A
  17th February 2021 Prof. Francisca Mutapi COVID-19 Serology Data
  10th February 2021 Roo Cave Analysis of deprivation and the predictors of outcomes for hospitalised COVID-19 patients in Lothian
  3rd February 2021 Grace Zdesenko Pharmacogenetics of praziquantel metabolism in Zimbabwe
  27 January 2021 Alex Morgan Modelling COVID-19 vaccination in a structured population
  20 January 2021 Dr Lu Lu Phylodynamics of multiple SARS-CoV-2 clusters circulated in mink farms in the Netherlands
  13 January 2021 Epigroup Welcome back meeting
  9 December 2020 Jordan Ashworth Investigating the host range of novel CRESS-DNA viruses
  2 December 2020

Roo Cave

Meghan Perry

COVID-19 hospital admissions in the first wave
  25 November 2020 Giles Calder Monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic in Scotland
  18 November 2020 Hannah Lepper Clinical and sewage AMR surveillance data: comparison and joint inference
  4 November 2020 Feifei Zhang Geographical distribution of human infective RNA viruses and their disappearance
  21 October 2020 Thomas Dalhuisen Predicting the epidemic potential of RNA viruses using genome sequences
  14 October 2020 Feifei Zhang Predictors for epidemiology of COVID-19 in WHO African region
  7 October 2020 Alex Morgan Optimising time-limited non-pharmaceutical interventions for COVID-19 outbreak control
  30 September 2020 Epigroup Welcome back meeting (Plans for 2020/2021)
  Academic year 2019/2020
  26 August 2020 Kejin Li Phylogenetic analysis of diverse picornavirus genomes in rats in Vietnam
  18 August 2020 Cyril Uteh Hospital sewage antimicrobial resistance gene abundance: a surveillance tool for antimicrobial resistance
  29 July 2020

Miles McGibbo

Miranda Ferguson

Determining Concrete Lockdown Timelines for WHO AFRO Countries

COVID-19 Testing & Financial aid to Sub-Saharan Africa, and Lessons from Ebola Literature Review

  15 July 2020

Dr Bryan Wee

Dr Deirdre McClean 

Hosts, Households and Husbandry

8 July


Epigroup Work progress recently

24 June


Alistair Morrison,

Tara Wagner-Gamble

The origins SARS-CoV-2

Bats as a coronavirus reservoir


17 June


Dr Miriam Karinja Disease Mapping using Kenya surveillance data 2015 -2019

03 June


Dr Lu Lu,

Jordan Ashworth

Updates of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 sequences analysis

Estimating SARS-CoV-2 evolutionary rates from sub-sampled global data

  27 May 2020

Giles Calder,

Stella Mazeri

Monitoring COVID-19 in Scotland
  20 May 2020 Sam Haynes Creating the WHO Africa Region COVID-19 Situation Report

13 May 2020

Alex Morgan An Overview of COVID-19 Modelling in Epigroup

06 May 2020

Felix Stein The economic impact of COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

29 Apr 2020

Feifei Zhang Predictors for epidemiology of COVID-19 in WHO Afro region (Proposal and preliminary analysis)

22 Apr 2020

Stefan Rooke Sequencing COVID-19

15 Apr 2020

Epigroup Work progress recently

08 Apr 2020

Hannah Lepper Initial investigations into GS2 data

01 Apr 2020 

Alex Kiang,

Alistair Morrison,

Sassie Couzens

Analysis of Antimicrobial Resistance transmission at the Human-Livestock Interface in E.coli- Alex

The Epidemiology of Enteric Viral Infections in Vietnam- Alistair

Delays in improved surveillance and between epidemiological peaks according to WHO COVID-19 situation reports- Sassie


11 Mar 2020

Feifei Zhang Predictors of human RNA virus detection in the United States, China and Africa

04 Mar 2020

Dr Bram van Bunnik Global Sewage Project 2 - Update

26 Feb 2020

Jordan Ashworth Investigating Rotavirus A infections in Vietnam

19 Feb 2020

Dr Enatha Mukantwari and Jeanne d'Arc Umuringa Implementation progress of Epidemiology of genotypes of measles virus associated with outbreaks in Rwanda 2019-2020 using MiNion Technology

29 Jan 2020

Shengyuan Zhao

Epidemiology of carbapenemase-producing organisms (CPO) in Scotland

22 Jan 2020

Dr Rebecca Callaby

20:20 in 2020 Reflections on IDEAL - What we have learnt from a unique calf cohort study


15 Jan 2020

Deirdre McClean + Bryan Wee Hosts, households and husbandry: E. coli sharing patterns in Nairobi

08 Jan 2020

Welcome Back Meeting N/A

10 Dec 2019

Thomas Dalhuisen Spatial analysis of extended- spectrum β -lactamase producing E. coli (ESBL-E) sharing between healthy individuals in the Netherlands

27 Nov 2019

Dr Albert Mugenyi Spatial analysis of tsetse fly abundance using regression models

20 Nov 2019

Verity Hill Phylodynamic approaches for investigating Ebola virus disease dynamics in Sierra Leone

13 Nov 2019

Derick Osakunor Metabolic changes in response to Schistosoma haematobium infection in African preschool children

06 Nov 2019

Dr Meghan Perry Infectious Diseases consultancy and the Clinical Infection Research Group

30 Oct 2019

Alex Morgan Investigating the impact of livestock antibiotic usage heterogeneity on AMR transmission dynamics - Progress so far

16 Oct 2019

Camille Simonet Using evolutionary microbiology approaches to improve Human Health

02 Oct 2019

Leonie Maier First Year Review and Future Plans

25 Sep 2019

Hannah Lepper

Sources of AMR in human waste water: initial findings from a systematic scoping review


04 Sep 2019

Stefan Rooke Surveillance from a Shed