Current Grants


EC Horizon 2020. VEO project. Versatile Emerging Infectious Diseases Observatory. £400 000 (2020-2025).

Novo Nordisk Fonden Global Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance. £500 000 (2017-2023)


Recent Grants


MRC. EAVE II. COVID-19 epidemiology. £25 000 (2020-21).

ISSF3 Research Leave Fellowship on the urinary microbiome to Meghan Perry. £62 000 (2019-2020)

NIHR Global Health Research Unit, Tackling Infections to Benefit Africa (TIBA). £6 886 000 (2017-2021)

JPIAMR (MRC). STARCS - Selection and Transmission of Antimicrobial Resistance in Complex Systems. £300 000 (2017-2021).


Previous Grants


ZELS Research Project Grant. Zoonoses and Livestock in Kenya (ZooLinK). £500 000 (2014-2019).

Wellcome Trust Strategic Award. Viral Zoonoses in Vietnam (VIZIONS). £750 000 (2012-2018).

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Control of East Coast fever. £400 000 (2016-2018).

EC Horizon 2020 COMPARE project. Outbreak detection and response. £650 000 (2014-2019).

BBSRC sLoLa. Swine influenza. £550 000 (2014-2019).

EU FP7. EVOTAR Transmission of antibiotic resistance. £330 000 (2011-2015).

Scottish Government Centre of Expertise in Animal Disease Outbreaks (EPIC). £1 200 000 (2011-2016).

ESEI (MRC) project grant. Epidemiology, ecology and socio-economics of disease emergence in Nairobi. £2 250 000 (2011-2016).

LWEC. Catalyst grant on emergence of zoonotic diseases. £50,000 (2010).

Scottish Government CSO. Influenza surveillance (with Centre for Infectious Diseases, HPS and NHS Scotland).  £131,000 (2009-2010).

Wellcome Trust. Research Career Development Fellowship to Eric Fèvre, £629,000 (2009-2013).

EU FP6. CONCORD Modelling epidemiology of MRSA. £350,000 (part of consortium led by Utrecht University) (2009-2012).

Scottish Research Development Grant. Interdisciplinary Centre for Human and Avian Inflenza Research, £191,000 (part of award of £2.5M) (2007-2012).

Wellcome Trust. Host-parasite interactions elucidated by McMC based Bayesian inference, £109,000 (2007-2010).

SEERAD. Centre of Excellence award in quantitative epidemiology, £400,000 (part of award of £2.5M) (2006-11).

Wellcome Trust. Programme grant on infectious diseases of East African livestock, £1,800,000 (2006-12).

Wellcome Trust. Project grant on mathematical epidemiology, £177,000 (part of award of £400,000) (2006-09).

DEFRA. Modelling avian influenza in the UK. £40,000 (2005-2006).

Office of Science and Technology. Foresight Programme: Detection and Identification of Infectious Diseases, £50,000 (2005).

BBSRC. Combatting Viral Diseases of Livestock Initiative. Experimental studies of immunology and transmission biology of foot-and-mouth disease (with Institute of Animal Health and Edinburgh Veterinary School), £2,000,000 (2004-2010).

DEFRA. Veterinary Training Research Initiative. Quantitative veterinary epidemiology (with University of Glasgow),  £1,994,000 (2004-2009).

DEFRA. Selective breeding on PrP genotype in the UK sheep flock (with Scottish Agricultural College and Roslin Institute). 2003-2008. £9,000.

Wellcome Trust. Quantitative analysis of the spatio-temporal dynamics and control of foot-and-mouth disease (with Universities of Warwick, Cambridge and Penn State, USA), £524,000 (2002-2005).

Wellcome Trust. International Partnership Research Award in Veterinary Epidemiology. Epidemiology and evolution of Enterobacteriaceae in humans and domestic animals (with Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh Medical School, University of Glasgow, Imperial College London, Emory University USA), £3,500,000 (1999-2005).